Collateral Soul

A temple slumber
Am I still under?
A rich and colliding
Soul awakening thunder

Theta waves
Crying slaves
Drunken Brits
And rooster raves

A monkey chants
An Italian rants
I try to process it all
But fuck, I just can’t

Friends from past lives
Old men with small scythes
Demons in the street
With scary bulging eyes

Waterfalls, transcendent lagoons
Fire erupts and laughter blooms
Into spankings in gardens
Under silvery slivers of sexy moons

Riding though I fear to
Enjoying sleeping near you
Be still at night
or the demons might hear you

Swarms drone and roar
Carving their way thru Hindu lore
Reducing me to tears
Against the ancient temple floor

Scooters, humidity
Stolen sun kisses that fluidly
Tease my awareness
Into a temporary lucidity

As infinity steams
into jungle scenes
even Ganesha
has fever pitch dreams

Because recruiting doesn’t lapse
With naughty naps
Waterbeds and gongs
Still make time collapse

With lots of sound
And healing abound
Frozen memories were lost
But the profound was found

So I carved in my hand
with ancient sand
Perdamaian dunia
In the most epic of land

That was the day a check I didn’t remember writing was rendered due in the temple of my heart.


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