Like My Blood Is Pumping With Snake Venom

My heart

sometimes a sparkling pool

in the hidden meadow

is currently the color of pinot noir

I want to wrap my legs around your dreams

fix my eyes into your hall of mirrors

and dig my nails into your resolve

until the fierceness is barely restrained

pulsing just under the surface

Pin my throat with your gaze alone

as I simulate surrender for one second

allowing you to harness my madness

before I change

I want to scream into the heart of a lion

make love to 1000 goats

dream like a disillusioned martyr

and fuck like my blood is pumping with snake venom

I’m so alive

my own pulse

burns with the battery acid of consciousness

Come to me

Be the light to my darkness

The air to my fire

Sooth my volition

Let me breath again


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